Wellness Products


No Planet B Refillery is a small locally grown family business striving to make long lasting positive changes for the benefit of our health and the health of our planet.  

We have spent many hours learning the art of canning home grown foods, making sourdough bread and using our own home made cleaners and body care products for the past 4 years. Although we have enjoyed the journey we know that it is not possible for every family to spend many hours out of their weeks making things at home from scratch. That is how No Planet B Refillery was born, in an effort to help bring home made eco friendly products to everyone's home without all the added time. So you can spend your time doing the things you love and still feel good about the products you use.

We have chosen to start small out of the comfort of our home to minimize our costs in order to offer the best prices to our customers. We hope to earn the trust of our community, learn from them and grow together.